McMaster’s Savory Jerky

McMaster’s Savory Jerky


I grew up mostly in Colorado and having the mountains at my back door, so naturally every opportunity I had, when it was hunting season I advantage of the opportunity. The best hunting I have ever experienced in my life was in Montana. I had the great opportunity to go Elk hunting! I grabbed my trusty 30 ot 6 riffle, extra ammo, snacks, supplies, and got in my truck.


Then the opportunity presented itself and I dropped my first Elk on my first shot! Then the fun part of having to quarter it out began. I had so much meat that I had to think of ways to consume it and give to friends and family. I came up with this wonderful jerky recipe and wish to share it with everyone. I do realize that some of you may not want to kill Bambi and I understand your reasoning. This jerky recipe can be used for deer, elk, caribou, buffalo, duck, or beef.











1 ½ lbs meat, sliced or 2 lbs grated (deer,elk,moose,caribou, buffalo, duck, or beef)

1 tsp liquid smoke

1 ½ tsp garlic powder

1 ½ tsp black peper

1 tsp onion powder

1 tsp mono sodium glutamate

¼ cup soy sauce

¼ cup Worcestershire sauce1 tsp A-1 sauce



*Mix all together and marinate meat overnight in refregerator.

For sliced meat: Drain on paper towel, pat and layer on trays. Rotate trays every 12 hours.


*For ground meat: Mix the above ingredients with your ground meat. Marinate over night. Best to use a Jerky Gun. Extrude meat in strips onto trays.


*Drying times may vary depending on your dehydrator and thickness of meat. – Use your own judgment.



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